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Everything you need to know about the PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is considered prevalent these days in both men and women. The widespread type of hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia. In other terms, androgenetic alopecia includes male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness. Losing hair or suffering from thinning hair is the most distressing experience in anyone’s life. Fortunately, there are treatments available for helping in regrowing hair and preventing further hair loss. One such hair loss treatment that is gaining prominence these days is the PRP treatment for hair loss in Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. 

In men, androgenetic alopecia can be characterised by the gradual hair thinning observed in the scalp’s crown and front areas. On the other hand, hair loss in women usually affects the crown and front rooms of the scalp. There are many causes of hair loss affecting both men and women. Some may lose hair due to genetics, unhealthy lifestyle habits, age, or many other reasons. If you also suffer from baldness, hair thinning, or hair loss, then the Advanced Wellness clinic provides the best PRP treatment for hair in Gurgaon.

What is PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are gaining much prominence these days for many reasons, whether it is a sports injury or hair loss issue. The procedure involves taking patients’ blood cells to accelerate healing in a specific area. Platelet-rich plasma contains two elements: plasma, or the liquid part of blood, and platelets, a type of blood cell that plays a vital role in healing throughout the body. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose a well-experienced and trained medical expert to provide the best PRP treatment for hair loss in Ghaziabad. The reason is that the clinicians take blood samples from patients and place it into a device known as a centrifuge that significantly spins the piece, thus separating the other components of the blood from the platelets and reducing it with the plasma. 

What are PRP injections?

Once the platelet-rich plasma is created from the patient’s blood sample, the solution is injected into the targeted area of the scalp. The main idea behind injecting this is to increase the concentration of growth factors in platelet-rich plasma. They ultimately stimulate hair follicles’ healing process, shortening the healing time for injuries, decreasing pain, and even boosting hair growth. The Advanced Wellness clinic uses PRP treatment for not only patients suffering from hair loss but also PRP Treatment for Skin in Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. 

Why do you need PRP treatment for hair loss?

PRP for hair loss in Ghaziabad is highly recommendable for people suffering from it. The treatment is very effective in improving the hair’s quality and helps restore lost hair. PRP is a non-surgical hair treatment that helps stimulate the scalp and promote hair’s natural growth. Additionally, the procedure is safe, painless, and effective in treating hair loss issues. While inserting the injection filled with the plasma of the patient’s blood, he might feel slight discomfort during this procedure, but it is tolerable and less painful than other hair treatments. The PRP treatment stimulates the cells in the scalp to promote new hair growth and helps strengthen the existing hair strands. It is the best solution for people looking for a natural way of restoring lost hair. 

What are the PRP therapy steps? 

PRP therapy, also known as Platelet-rich plasma, is a simple three-step process. PRP therapy requires three treatments every 4-6 weeks apart. Also, to maintain the results, you must have treatment between 4 and 6 months. At the Advanced Wellness clinic, we also provide PRP Treatment for Skin in Ghaziabad.  

Now let us look at the following PRP therapy steps-


In the first step, the patient’s blood is drawn from the arm and put into a centrifuge(a machine that rapidly spins to help separate fluids of different densities). 


Within 2 minutes of the time frame in the centrifuge, the blood will be separated into three layers-platelet poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells. 


Then finally, the platelet-rich plasma is drawn into a syringe and injected into areas of the scalp that need hair growth. 

Advanced Wellness provides the best PRP treatment for hair loss and it has been a boon for restoring hair growth in many cases. Still, there are certain things you should keep in mind before going for PRP treatment, like- managing your lifestyle. For example, it would be best if you left the habit of drinking alcohol and smoking, indulged in healthy eating, especially fruits and green leafy vegetables, and avoided using harsh chemicals and hot iron on your hair. 

What are the PRP Therapy risks and side effects?

The best part about PRP therapy is that it involves injecting your blood into your scalp, because of which there is no risk of getting any infectious diseases. Apart from this, it would help if you inform your doctors of any medical history before proceeding with the therapy. It would help if you told the following things beforehand only- 

  • Whether you are a heavy smoker or not
  • If you are on blood thinners or not.
  • If you have a background of alcohol or drug misuse.

You might get rejected if you have the following issues such as-

  • Any skin disease
  • Systemic disorder
  • Metabolic disorder
  • Acute/chronic infections
  • Platelet dysfunction syndromes
  • Thyroid issue
  • Low platelet count

At the Advanced Wellness clinic, our medical expert would examine your scalp and determine whether you are the right fit for the PRP treatment. We are providing world-class PRP for hair loss in Gurgaon.

What does the PRP Hair Loss cost? 

Generally, PRP therapy consists of three treatments once every 4-6 weeks, with maintenance treatments ranging every 4-6 months. The price of PRP ranges from Rs 5000-Rs 15,000 per session. The number of sessions varies from patient to patient, which depends on the bald patches the patient has. Usually, 3-5 sessions are required, each with a gap of four to five weeks. Sometimes the patient may require more sessions than that. 

The PRP treatment for hair loss cost depends upon several factors, such as-

  • The geographic location
  • Quality of the equipment 
  • Also, the addition of nutritious components 


The PRP treatment is a new-age treatment that not only deals with hair loss but also cures many other issues. So you must be wondering which clinic provides the best PRP treatment for hair loss near me? The answer is the Advanced Wellness clinic, one of the best hair and skin care clinics in Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. We have the best doctors who have been providing service in this domain for a long time. PRP treatment consists of three major steps-accumulate, centrifugate, and inject. The process is safe and painless; the best part is that there are no signs of transmission of infectious diseases. 

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