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PRP for Hair loss

Hair loss is one of the biggest conditions that gives nightmares to every human being on this planet. Nobody wants to get rid of the hair on their head as it accentuates the overall look of a person. Be it any gender, a scalp with a good amount of hair looks extremely good. However, there are many people who face loss of hair from the head region. The reason for sudden hair loss could vary from the quality of water used for hair washing, lack of nutritional diet, to various health conditions. No matter what has caused hair loss in a person but they obviously did not want it. In such a situation, one can only rely on various treatments that promise to give the best results but fail to do so. Therefore, the only finest option left to try is PRP treatment for hair loss.
Also known as Androgenic Alopecia, hair loss or baldness is one of the most common problems faced by today’s youth. Losing hair due to age is not as hurtful as losing hair when you are young. This can happen to both men and women and this is when they look out for options like PRP treatment in Gurgaon or Ghaziabad. Hair loss can happen on a small area as well as on the whole head. Most of the time, this hair loss condition is caused by a patchy scalp, fungal infection, or hair thinning and might be a component inherited genetically. No matter what the causes are, they can be treated effectively with the help of PRP treatment for hair loss in Ghaziabad and Gurgaon.
PRP is an abbreviation of Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy which is basically a threefold medical procedure in blood where the process requires extracting blood from the client, processing it further to extract the plasma, and then injecting the same into the scalp. If you are suffering from a hair loss condition and want to get treated for the same, opting for a PRP treatment in Ghaziabad or Gurgaon can give you fruitful results. PRP has a plethora of growth factors along with proteins that speed up the process of tissue repair. This very method is considered to be one of the most effective techniques for repairing and replenishing hair growth. If you seek for someone who can give you the best hair loss treatment possible, then search on the internet ‘PRP treatment for hair loss near me’ and you will be directed to us. Our wide range of medical experts who are highly experienced in their professions will provide you with the best PRP treatment experience.


There is no denying the fact that hair loss is the most stressful thing to experience for both men and women. Whosoever is facing such a challenge is fit to get the best PRP treatment in Ghaziabad and Gurgaon from us. But, it is noteworthy that someone who is witnessing early signs of hair loss can get the best results if they opt for the PRP treatment for hair loss in Gurgaon or Ghaziabad as early as possible. Our team of highly trained medical professionals which includes expert dermatologists and cosmetologists will first check the sensitivity of the skin by doing proper tests. On the basis of the test results, they suggest which kind of treatment is going to be most suitable for you. To note, the majority of the PRP treatment for skin or hair requires three treatment sessions in a gap of 4 to 6 weeks. If any session is missed, the treatment might not do the job to the best of its ability.

Who should consider PRP for Hair Loss?


Medical professionals who perform PRP for hair loss in Ghaziabad and Gurgaon are well-experienced in their job and follow the below procedure for making the treatment effective:
PRP for hair loss in Gurgaon, Ghaziabad - Advanced wellness

PRP for Hair Loss

A cosmetologist or dermatologist will perform tests to check how sensitive the skin is and accordingly will recommend the best suitable treatment for the targeted area. While performing PRP for hair or PRP for skin in Gurgaon and Ghaziabad, our experts first extract blood from the client’s body. Then, the blood is put through two stages of the centrifugation process which helps the Platelet-Rich Plasma to segregate from the Platelet-Poor Plasma and Red Blood Cells. Afterward, the PRP is injected into the skin of the targeted area.

OUTCOME of PRP Treatment

Boosts the hair growth.
Hair roots get more strong.
Zero side effects.
Scalp begins to respond positively and tissue layers start regenerating.
Provides a rich density of hair which lacked before the treatment.


Is PRP for hair loss in Gurgaon safe?
Yes! Getting a PRP treatment done for hair loss in Gurgaon is absolutely safe only if it is done by highly qualified medical professionals. We possess some of the most amazing teams of medical experts who have years of experience in performing PRP treatment. Also, our PRP treatment is carried out keeping in mind the Government Standard Treatment Guidelines.
How much does PRP treatment for hair loss cost?

The cost of getting a PRP treatment done for hair loss depends on the basis of size of the area which needs to be treated. The smaller the size, the less it will cost, and vice versa. However, we provide reasonable rates for PRP treatment without compromising on the quality of the treatment at all.

Are there any side effects of PRP treatment?

No! As per clinical studies all across the world, no side effects have been seen from the PRP treatment for hair loss up till now. This means that anyone who feels like they should get a PRP treatment done can easily get the same without stressing over facing any kind of side effects.

Will hair grow naturally after PRP treatment?

Yes! After the PRP treatment is over, the hair will start to grow in a natural manner. However, you must keep in mind the fact that the PRP treatment for hair loss in Gurgaon or Ghaziabad will be successful only if all the recommended sessions are attended on time.

Is PRP treatment painful?

No! PRP treatment is not painful. Though if you have a fear of injections, it might get a little worrisome for you. But, if you have no problem getting your skin injected, then the PRP treatment for hair loss in Ghaziabad and Gurgaon is not going to be a painful experience for you.

What precautions to take after PRP treatment?

Once your PRP session is complete, you should not apply ice or any kind of heating material to the injection site for the initial 72 hours. Moreover, avoid taking a hot bath or using Sauna for a couple of days after the treatment. Also, do not consume alcohol for the first 2 days after the PRP for hair loss in Gurgaon or Ghaziabad. Do not take bath instantaneously within 24 hours of the treatment.


PRP for hair loss in Gurgaon, Ghaziabad - Advanced wellness

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

The PRP process should involve a thorough consultation with a qualified doctor who will guide you throughout the process. Once all the formalities are completed, the following steps are followed:

Step 1- Your blood is drawn- majorly from your arm and deposited into a centrifuge which is a machine which spins rapidly to disintegrate separate fluids of varying densities.

Step 2- After approximately 10 minutes in the centrifuge, the blood is separated into three layers: ● Platelet-poor plasma ● Platelet-rich plasma ● Red Blood Cells

Step 3 - The platelet-rich plasma is drawn up into a syringe and then injected into the areas which are affected and need replenishment.It’s extremely essential to consult a well-qualified doctor for a PRP treatment as it needs to be done with utmost care and sharpness. We at Advanced Wellness offer PRP for hair loss in Ghaziabad and PRP for hair loss in Gurgaon, which will cater to your needs and problem areas. We specialize in various other services like laser hair removal in Ghaziabad and laser hair removal in Gurgaon, scar removal treatments in Ghaziabad and scar removal treatments in Gurgaon and much more.