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How Many PRP Treatments are Needed for Hair Growth

If you’re choosing PRP for hair loss then one question that comes to your mind several times is how many PRP treatments are needed for hair growth. When you go to the clinic then first of all your doctor will examine you and do diagnostic tests. By tests, your doctor will be able to understand how well the therapy could work on you and the possible number of sessions.

 (1) To know how many PRP treatments are needed for hair growth, expert doctors always conduct diagnostic tests.

Some diagnostic tests are:-

  • HairDX genetic test
  • Biopsy of the scalp
  • Blood tests

By getting the results of these tests you can get to know about genetic causes of hair loss. Doctors conduct a physical examination. In physical examination, they check scalp infections and other conditions. The doctor always wants to confirm from the patient about fewer functioning hair follicles. After doing these tests your doctor is able to tell you how many PRP treatments are needed for hair growth.

(2) Careful Screening tells you how many PRP Treatments are Needed. PRP therapy is a solution to your hair loss issues. According to the severity of your hair loss issues, your doctor will design the course of treatment. Your Doctor will run a bunch of tests to assess you as a suitable candidate. Once all the tests will complete then they may let you know how many PRP treatments are needed for hair growth. Your doctor will want to understand the main cause of your hair loss. Like, he wants to know about your previous surgery, your medical history, which medications you’re currently taking, and regular hair products which you use daily. Your doctor will ask you about your hair problem in detail. For example, he can ask how far back you noticed the problem and the number of strands you lose each day!

(3) With the help of supplementary treatments you can know how many PRP Injections are needed in your hair treatment. Your trichologist(doctor) can suggest supplementary treatments because it can help in the effectiveness of the PRP hair loss treatment. You must want to take treatment from a PRP practitioner who has the proper certification, is well experienced, and has positive reviews from patients.

Here are some of the additional options your doctor could try:-

  • Doctors can choose to use micro-needling. By micro-needling, they can spread the serum more evenly and get more effective results.
  • Doctors can choose to add ECM which is the acronym and ECM will help to boost the power of a serum. ECM when injected along with the serum can boost the stimulating effects. By that, you can get more long-lasting results.
  • Your doctor may suggest low-level laser Therapy on the scalp before getting PRP treatment

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