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PRP treatment is a non-surgical method to cure varied skin diseases or issues. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma therapy, which uses a patient’s blood cells to heal a skin issue. People with skin problems like soggy skin, wrinkles, sunburn, etc., obtain this treatment. The results are radiant and soft skin, but finding the right clinic is necessary to get the best results. Advance Wellness, which provides result-oriented PRP Treatment for Skin in Ghaziabad, is among the best clinics in Delhi NCR. The clinic has the latest equipment and technicians. With thousands of clients, Advance Wellness maintains a good reputation for its customized skin treatment solutions. We follow the best industry standards approved by regulatory authorities to serve our clients. The effect of PRP therapy lasts for two years. The patients are provided with post-treatment care assistance to get the most out of the treatment. Considering the need of national and international clients, we use globally embraced PRP technology and devices. Visit our clinic to get a free consultation for PRP Treatment in Ghaziabad. Read our reviews, and you will know we are dependable and give you accurate results. The therapy gives natural results as our certified cosmetologists handle the treatment well.


PRP, or Platelet-rich plasma therapy, can be performed only by skilled technicians and doctors. Our devices are of A+ quality, as the treatment demands attention to detail. Microneedling is a vital part of the procedure, which needs perfection. With a combination of FDA-approved devices and expert technicians, we aim to be the Best Clinic for PRP Treatment for Skin in Ghaziabad. Our doctors are dedicated and advocate for the patient’s needs. You can tell all your concerns as they take things very seriously. Our experts never push you to start the treatment immediately. They first delve into your medical history and then give suitable solutions. Advance Wellness relies on the certified expertise of our dermatologists. They have exposure to working for national and global clients. Their regular interaction with the doctors of skin care clinics worldwide helps us keep our standards high. It is why we can assure you to offer the Best PRP Treatment in Ghaziabad. Just help us know your skin conditions, and we commit to bringing back the radiance of your skin.

Dr. Niyti Dhawn

Dr. Niyti dhawn

– Sr. Consultant Dermatologist M.D. (Dermatology)

Dr. Niyati Dhawn is a distinguished and highly accomplished Sr. Consultant Dermatologist specializing in M.D. (Dermatology). After more than ten years of stellar triumphs in her career, she has earned a prominent reputation in aesthetics and cosmetology. Dr. Niyati's expertise extends to being a Senior Medical Aesthetician & Cosmetic Consultant, leading the esteemed Cosmetology Department at Harsh ENT Hospitals. Alongside, she has established her own renowned Aesthetic Clinic – Advanced Wellness, located in Gurgaon & Ghaziabad. One of Dr. Niyati's most significant contributions to the cosmetic industry is her pioneering work in PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments in the Delhi NCR region. Her extensive research and exploration of PRP's different applications in various treatments have led to remarkable advancements in the field. Dr. Niyati's dedication to knowledge dissemination is evident through her publications in reputable journals on PRP and PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin), showcasing her expertise in this area.


The approach for PRP skin treatment is simple because its steps are decided. We suggest you take pre-treatment health precautions a few days before the treatment. Once you follow them, we assign the Best Doctor for PRP Treatment for Skin in Ghaziabad to start the treatment. It takes three to four sessions to complete the treatment. Between every session, a gap of four to six weeks is required. Depending on the patient, every session takes 30 minutes or a little more. Now if you talk about the cost, it is between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 10,000. Advance Wellness work on an individualized approach; thus, the final pricing depends on your skin conditions. That decides the number of sessions required. We can be on your list if you want the most dependable skincare solutions. Our PRP Treatment Cost in Ghaziabad is always reasonable and never burdens your budget. Compared to our top-quality devices, we charge less from our clients. After all, the healthcare sector is destined to make people better and help them perform better in this world.

1) The blood sample is obtained from the patient’s body, usually the arm

2) The sample is centrifuged to separate blood components and obtain plasma with a higher platelet count

3) Centrifuges blood is injected into the affected areas of the skin by the experts using the micro-needling method

Approach for Skin PRP Treatment in Ghaziabad


PRP skin treatment is destined to generate specific results. But several skin issues can be cured using this method. As a result of Best PRP Treatment for Skin in Ghaziabad, you get the following results.

  1. Higher collagen production tightens the skin, making it look younger and healthier.
  2. No more sogginess in the skin as the platelet-rich plasma of your blood rejuvenates the skin inside.
  3. Get back the lost shine of the skin, and you will not feel the requirement of make-up
  4. Say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, black spots, sunburn marks, and pigmentation.


The PRP treatment demands attention to your daily routine habits. The healthier lifestyle you follow, the better your results will be. If you want long-lasting effects from PRP Skin Treatment in Ghaziabad, follow the following precautions.


  1. Eat as healthier as you can. The food items good for skin hydration should be on priority.
  2. Never consume alcohol or coffee before the treatment, and avoid smoking altogether.
  3. Exercise regularly, spanning from light stretching to aerobics.
  4. Try using something other than any new skincare product that you have used. It may cause new skin problems.


  1. Stay hydrated and stay away from all kinds of stressful situations.
  2. Do not carry any heavy things or touch your face repeatedly.
  3. Avoid going to places with pollution and strong winds.
  4. Only apply make-up if you confirm it from your doctor.


  1. Avoid sunlight; it can make your skin weaker against bruises.
  2. Do not start using cosmetics; use skin care products suggested by the doctors.
  3. Do not rub your skin on any harsh surfaces or towels.
  4. Wash your face or skin only after 12 to 24 hours of PRP.

The above precautions are easy to follow, and you should not face many restrictions in your daily routine. At our PRP Treatment Clinic in Ghaziabad, we always suggest following these dos and don’ts for the best results. The treatment results are long-lasting when you love your skin well.