PRP Treatment For Hair In Ghaziabad

PRP Treatment for Hair in Ghaziabad

PRP is a ubiquitously popular hair treatment to cure hair loss, attain density in thin hairs, and deal with other scalp or hair-related issues. PRP stands for Platelet-rich plasma therapy. The blood platelets of the patient’s blood are injected into the affected area to cure the problem. India, one of the fastest-growing countries in medical science, is home to thousands of dependable PRP treatment clinics. A few states and cities gather a significant crowd looking for this treatment. Ghaziabad is one of them, where the top standard clinics with the latest equipment and tools offer the best hair create treatments. Finding the best PRP treatment for hair in Ghaziabad is not a struggle. If you are looking for assistance with any relatable issue, this city is the place to meet your troubleshooter. The need is to look for a renowned clinic, and Advance Wellness qualifies on all parameters of a reliable clinic. Latest medical tools, trained technicians, versed dermatologists and cosmetologists, and above customized solutions. We claim to be the most established PRP Treatment Clinic in Ghaziabad that provides long-lasting treatment results. Our experience of years effortlessly translates our expertise.


The PRP treatment is a detailed treatment procedure with no side effects as it only uses the patient’s blood sample. At Advance Wellness, we use FDA-approved machines and equipment. All our devices and equipment are of the latest technology. Also, the best cosmetologists in India work with us to provide A+ quality service of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss in Ghaziabad. It is why, every year receive numberless queries for the treatment. We believe in providing reliable hair care services. Our existing and previous clients know it well. We start the procedure with a detailed consultation and a few tests to know your scalp condition. The doctors will inform you of the number of sessions required and the devices used for the treatment. Due to the transparent procedure, we are the most trusted providers of PRP Treatment in Ghaziabad. The platelet-rich plasma treatment demands expert touch, including micro-needling, the main activity while injecting the platelets. The team of doctors and the latest equipment make everything happen smoothly.

Dr. Niyti Dhawn

Dr. Niyti dhawn

– Sr. Consultant Dermatologist M.D. (Dermatology)

Dr. Niyati Dhawn is a distinguished and highly accomplished Sr. Consultant Dermatologist specializing in M.D. (Dermatology). After more than ten years of stellar triumphs in her career, she has earned a prominent reputation in aesthetics and cosmetology. Dr. Niyati's expertise extends to being a Senior Medical Aesthetician & Cosmetic Consultant, leading the esteemed Cosmetology Department at Harsh ENT Hospitals. Alongside, she has established her own renowned Aesthetic Clinic – Advanced Wellness, located in Gurgaon & Ghaziabad. One of Dr. Niyati's most significant contributions to the cosmetic industry is her pioneering work in PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments in the Delhi NCR region. Her extensive research and exploration of PRP's different applications in various treatments have led to remarkable advancements in the field. Dr. Niyati's dedication to knowledge dissemination is evident through her publications in reputable journals on PRP and PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin), showcasing her expertise in this area.


The approach for the hair PRP Hair Treatment in Ghaziabad is straightforward. The procedure requires three to four sessions with a gap of four to six weeks after each session. In one sitting, it takes around thirty minutes which should easily fit into your busy schedule. If you talk about the cost, its cost is Rs. 6000 to 10,000 per session. You can say it takes a maximum of three to four months to complete the PRP procedure. It is never advisable to rush or speed up the process as that may hamper the desired results. Also, the treatment takes one to two months to show results, but they last for two years. Whether you take PRP Treatment in Ghaziabad or elsewhere, the approach is the same everywhere. But the results depend on how skilled the doctors are and how new-aged are the PRP devices. You should also know how does this process work?

The PRP treatment has three steps-

1) Taking a blood sample of the patient. This sample is usually taken from the arm of the patient.

2) The blood sample is centrifuged to obtain an increased number of platelets. It includes spinning the sample at a decided speed.

3) The blood processed through centrifugation is then injected into the affected area of the scalp.

You need not have second thoughts on anything once you connect with us. From offering customized PRP Treatment Cost in Ghaziabad to ensuring after-treatment care, Advance Wellness offers complete assistance.

Approach For Hair Loss PPR Treatment


The results of PRP treatment are proven, and the people who have gone through the process can authenticate it. After all, it is a world-renowned hair care treatment, and ample examples are available in India and abroad. With Advance Wellness, your PRP Treatment for Hair Loss is destined to give desired results. We translate the trust of thousands of our clients into realistic outcomes. Here is what you can expect from hair PRP treatment.

  • Get rid of hair loss issues, as it is the primary cause for most people to get treatment.
  • Get a healthy scalp that grows hair faster and removes issues like dandruff, improving overall hair health.
  • Improve hair density and get a fluffy look which also helps you carry an impressive personality.
  • Attain natural results without any side effects without going through any surgery.
  • Get long-lasting PRP results done with our clinic’s latest devices.

Undoubtedly, we offer excellent outcomes due to dedicated services and cost-effective solutions. Our traits make people find us while searching for the Best PRP Treatment in Ghaziabad. If you are still thinking, let’s talk.


As the PRP treatment takes some time, some health precautions are necessary. Below is the list of all the dos and don’ts you must follow for PRP Treatment for Hair. Know about the precautions before, during, and after the treatment.


  1. Exercise regularly to improve blood circulation toward the scalp.
  2. Eat green leafy vegetables and avoid all kinds of junk food.
  3. Avoid alcohol and smoking, and drink a healthy amount of water.
  4. Try to avoid exposure to sun rays for long hours


  1. Avoid aggressive exercise while taking the sessions.
  2. Do not pour too hot or too cold water on the scalp right after a session.
  3. Avoid going in sunlight, and if you have to, don’t forget to cover your head.
  4. Never leave your treatment incomplete.


  1. Sunlight is not good through the treatment, and even after that, for at least fifteen days to one month.
  2. Do not massage harshly on your scalp. Always ask your doctor to know the best way to hair care.
  3. Ask your doctor which medicine or chemical can be unhealthy for your scalp.
  4. Use the skin care product prescribed by your doctor.

If you want to get the desired return of your PRP Hair Treatment Cost in Ghaziabad, you need to follow all the precautions mentioned above. Love yourself, love your hair, and you will certainly get healthier, shinier, and stronger hair.