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Beard shaping

Who says men does not need any kind of enhancement in their body? Though in the cosmetic world, women are known for having more cosmetics-related treatments; nowadays, even men are ecstatic to take their handsomeness a notch higher. The first and foremost noticeable thing on a man’s face is his beard. Whether a beard is clean or shaved, it will make a huge difference in how good a man looks. Beard holds the power of taking a man’s beauty from ten to a hundred. The more groomed the beard is, the more attractive a man looks. To get the desired result, men often go to the salon to get their beard trimmed and shaved; however, these days, beard shaping laser treatment is available which gives permanent shaping to the beard. This helps the individual to not just save their money but also time and energy.
Regular shaving or trimming often results in unwanted pimples which occur due to a common skin condition called ‘folliculitis’. In this skin condition, follicles get inflamed and produce tiny bumps which eventually take the formation of pimples. It also leads to split ends, dishevelment, or dryness. Instead of worrying about facing such skin conditions, it is best to opt for the best laser hair removal treatment for the beard.
With laser beard shaping, one can have the most reliable and long-lasting results which will prevent them from booking any more salon appointments. You no more have to deal with an unkempt or uneven beard. A good beard shaping laser hair removal process will give your beard such a shape that will remain there forever. This beard shaping treatment is enough to boost your confidence and remain proud of your accentuated looks.


With the help of the best laser hair removal clinic, one can get excellent results from laser beard shaping treatment. Once the treatment is done, the growth of hair on the treated area is stopped. This means hair will grow only in the area where you wish to have a beard. Other than that, the surrounding area will have no hair growth at all. As the thickness and coarseness of the beard are minimalized during the beard shaping laser treatment in Gurgaon and Ghaziabad, it will accentuate the outline of the beard shape, making it look easily noticeable and attractive. The whole process of beard shaping through laser is painless and does not require much time at all.

Are you tired of shaving and trimming?


In today’s era, laser hair removal treatment for the beard is on the rise. Slowly, more and more people are getting to know about this treatment and are opting for the same. Below, the whole process of beard shaping through laser treatment is explained:
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Beard Shaping

The procedure of beard shaping laser hair removal in Ghaziabad and Gurgaon starts off with the highly-qualified cosmetologists and dermatologists marking the area of the face and neck where the treatment needs to be done. Afterward, the hair on the treatment zone is removed with the help of a razor after which the laser equipment is used with which the treatment is going to be carried out. The best clinics for beard laser hair removal in Gurgaon and Ghaziabad will make use of US FDA Approved laser machines that emit a beam of light that is targeted at the desired area from where hair needs to be removed. This laser beam which is focused on a hair follicle further helps in damaging the hair of that area from the roots. The treatment does not allow the hair which has been damaged to grow back, hence the targeted area never gets to see a regrowth of hair and the shape of the beard remains intact on a permanent basis after the completion of beard shaping laser treatment in Ghaziabad.


Evenly-shaped beard growth.
Best remedy for uneven or patchy beard.
Best and permanent results in a couple of treatment sessions.


Where can I get the best laser beard shaping near me?

First-class quality laser beard shaping can be received at the reputed clinics of Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. We, Advanced Wellness, are located in both Gurgaon and Ghaziabad and have a team of medically highly trained professionals who perform laser treatment with utmost care and precision. The laser equipment used by us is also US FDA Approved.

What is the cost of beard shaping laser hair removal in Gurgaon?

The larger the area of beard shaping is, the more it will cost to do the laser treatment on it. Likewise, if the area of treatment is small, it will cost you comparatively less. Also, the clinic's reputation and from which location you decide to get treated also affects the cost of the laser treatment.

Will stubble prevent from getting the best laser treatment results?

Yes! If you have stubble, the beard shaping laser treatment will not happen properly as the laser beam won’t be able to focus on the hair roots. Targeting a laser beam on an area with stubble will damage the laser while increasing the possibility of getting pigmented or burned. Also, the laser treatment in such a case will hurt very much.

Should I laser my beard?

Anybody who thinks they need to groom their beard once and for all without having to worry about going to the salon every few days should opt for the beard shaping laser hair removal treatment. Laser treatment on the beard prevents the hair on the targeted area to grow back to its original shape. The beard that is shaped during the treatment will remain the same forever.

Is laser beard shaping safe?

Yes! Laser hair removal treatment on the beard is absolutely safe and has no side effects as well. Gradually, many men are choosing to get their beards shaped with the help of laser treatment. It is not just very effective but also long-lasting. Make sure that you seek laser treatment from expert and certified medical professionals.

Is there any side effect of laser hair removal in Gurgaon?
No! there is not any side effect that has been certified globally for getting laser hair removal done on a beard. One can easily opt for the laser beard shaping treatment but it is advised to seek the treatment from a recognized laser hair removal clinic.