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Laser hair removal treatment is a medically accepted method to remove unwanted hair. It uses a concentrated laser beam to damage the hair follicles. People use laser treatment to get rid of unwanted hair and hair growth. The primary benefit of laser hair removal is it is the best option to avoid unwanted hair growth. For long-term results, maintenance treatments may also be required. The clinics with new-aged devices give the best results. Advance Wellness offers Laser Hair Removal in Ghaziabad. The clinic has FDA-approved equipment and devices. The best dermatologists in the country do the treatment. Laser hair removal is an ever-growing technology that offers the most promising results. Unlike the other painful options of body wax and hair plucking, it does not need you to visit the salon multiple times. Once the treatment is done, the results are long-term. But you need to find the Best Laser Hair Removal in Ghaziabad. Hair removal treatments include exposure to laser beams. That is why you must be sure to choose a renowned and reliable laser clinic.


The busy life today leaves no extra time to pamper your body. In that case, unwanted hairs become an obstacle in enjoying the precious moments of leisure completely. You cannot wear your favorite dress for a party as you missed to go to the salon. All your beach bikini plans stay pending due to unwanted hair. But why live with all these worries when laser treatments can provide a long-term solution? There should be some reason why thousands seek Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Ghaziabad. The world-renowned technique is widely accepted. In India, too, people are becoming aware of the solutions better than waxing. No more painful experiences and no recurring and annoying visits to salons. Just get treated once, and you are free from unwanted hairs for a very long time.

Dr. Niyti Dhawn

Dr. Niyti dhawn

– Sr. Consultant Dermatologist M.D. (Dermatology)

Dr. Niyati Dhawn is a distinguished and highly accomplished Sr. Consultant Dermatologist specializing in M.D. (Dermatology). After more than ten years of stellar triumphs in her career, she has earned a prominent reputation in aesthetics and cosmetology. Dr. Niyati's expertise extends to being a Senior Medical Aesthetician & Cosmetic Consultant, leading the esteemed Cosmetology Department at Harsh ENT Hospitals. Alongside, she has established her own renowned Aesthetic Clinic – Advanced Wellness, located in Gurgaon & Ghaziabad. One of Dr. Niyati's most significant contributions to the cosmetic industry is her pioneering work in PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments in the Delhi NCR region. Her extensive research and exploration of PRP's different applications in various treatments have led to remarkable advancements in the field. Dr. Niyati's dedication to knowledge dissemination is evident through her publications in reputable journals on PRP and PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin), showcasing her expertise in this area.


Laser hair removal uses a medical process that is known as photothermolysis. The heat is released through a laser to burn the hair follicles. However, the patient does not feel the heat due to the cooling doctors apply on the patient’s skin. During the treatment, the hairs transfer the laser heat to the hair follicles responsible for hair growth. As you can see, the procedure is crucial; however, it’s a cakewalk if done by experienced doctors. As the advanced ways of laser treatments are spreading across the country, every city has good clinics. Finding a Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Ghaziabad is not rocket science anymore. The patients must follow several pre and post-treatment precautions, so finding the right advice is vital.

How Laser Hair Removal Works in Ghaziabad


Advance Wellness offers top-class hair solutions using ultra-modern technology. We have installed Lumins LightSheer® QUATTRO™ machine. It focuses on the hair follicles without harming the skin. Its pain reduction mechanism ensures the comfort of the patient during the treatment. While you search for Laser Hair Removal near me, look whether a clinic has such top-class machines and equipment. Also, the machine is considered best to have a good speed. It is best to remove hair in a larger body area. Taking the skin into the handpiece lets the laser precisely focus on the target area. It leaves the skin unharmed. People looking for Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Ghaziabad always prefer clinics that use this machine.


Advance Wellness is dedicated to providing the best solutions for Laser Hair Removal in Ghaziabad. We have a team of doctors and trained doctors. Get a free consultation at the clinic or get advice through video consultation. We only rush to start your treatment if we read your medical history. Professional treatment procedures always work on an individualized approach. Also, we prefer to inform you before we start the treatment. A patient needs 6 to 8 sessions for hair removal treatment. But a gap of 45 days between two sessions is necessary. Advance Wellness works at reasonable costs. Depending on a patient’s condition, the cost is Rs4000 to Rs. 10,000 per session. The treatment takes a few minutes only for small areas of the body, like the upper lip. But for the more significant parts of the body, it can take 30 to 40 minutes. Whatever your queries are, let us know, and we will clear all your doubts.


Laser hair removal is a proven and safe treatment. However, after treatment, there are several outcomes that you may see on your skin. But they are temporary and have no severe effects on health. Advance Wellness Laser Hair Removal in Ghaziabad goes through a scientific procedure.

  1. Skin irritation as the heat passes through the skin layers. But it is never a matter of concern.
  2. Pigment change is another outcome that shows its effect after the treatment.
  3. You can expect to see the results in one to two months. But the result will be long-term.
  4. No hair follicles grow back after you take the treatment. But at the same time, laser technology gives semi-permanent results.
  5. The post-treatment effects, like skin irritation, are temporary and vanish after a few hours of the treatment.
Outcome of Laser Hair Removal in Ghaziabad


For desired laser hair removal results, you must follow precautions before and after every session. Read below the ones suggested by our doctors.

Pre-treatment instructions for laser hair removal

  • Stay away from sun rays as it causes skin darkening and tanning.
  • Only remove hairs from other methods like waxing by asking the doctor.
  • Avoid all types of blood thinning medications.
  • Show your medical reports to the doctor and reveal your medical history
  • Avoid sun skin creams that can cause skin darkening

Post-treatment instructions for laser hair removal

  • Don’t take heat treatments such as steam baths, spas, etc.
  • Never scrub your skin excessively
  • Don’t apply pressure on your skin for four to five days.
  • Don’t shave the treatment area for at least 72 hours afterward.

Worried about your unwanted body hair?


Advance Wellness provides laser hair treatments on all parts of the body. Contact us now for a free consultation for the Best laser Hair Removal in Ghaziabad. Our team will guide you about the treatment, providing suggestions for your needs.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal


We provide laser treatments for facial hair removal and lower body hair. With the help of advanced technology and machines, we assure speedy Laser Hair Removal Treatment and value-for-money results.

Underarms Hair Removal


Our new-aged treatment method ensures thoroughly reduced hair growth. You will be free from unwanted hairs for a very long term. Advance Wellness is successfully giving all its clients the best results, and we will continue the same while we treat you.

Facial Laser Hair Removal Gurgaon


Get treatment for beard-line, ears, chin, cheeks, neck, glabella, upper lips, sideburns, etc. During consultation, we will consider your individual circumstances and will start the treatment. Our experts and technicians handle their job perfectly, giving impressive outcomes..

Beard Shaping


Get a reliable solution for sensitive areas like eyebrows. We shape eyebrows by removing the hairs using highly concentrated laser beams. Eyebrow shaping through laser is an art and science and needs expert hands. We own expertise as well as experience.

Eyebrow Shaping


It is a treatment that demands detailing and caution. Numberless people come to us because they know only expert hands can handle such things better. We confidently fulfill our commitments with the new-aged machines that release highly focused beams.