prp hair treatment in Gurgaon

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Hair loss or hair fall can be a serious condition when you are met with a tuft of hair while running your fingers through it, or without tugging at your scalp. There are several types of hair loss, all of which may be confusing for those of us who are simply looking to find a solution.

In simple terms, if you find fresh bald spots or thinning areas on the scalp that didn’t use to be empty, you are experiencing hair loss. The causes for this are quite general and may include severe stress, hormone imbalances, pregnancy, or genetics. Mesotherapy can be a fine pick that helps in preventing further hair loss and hair thinning too.


Unfortunately, no amount of hair loss treatments or shampoos can offer solace to the thinning areas on your scalp if your scalp or hair’s needs are not met. In other words, it is important to understand the causes behind your hair fall, and then seek professional treatment to stop hair loss to see visible results.

In Mesotherapy, the treatment depends on needles to deliver potent ingredients to the mesoderm, providing active nutrients straight to the hair follicle and promoting scalp rejuvenation and hair regrowth.

Hair thinning troubling you every day?


The procedure of Mesotherapy for Hair Loss is probably the easiest, smoothest and the least time consuming treatment.

prp hair treatment in Gurgaon

Chemical Mesotherapy

This involves the injection of a range of chemicals including buflomedil, minoxidil, finasteride, dutasteride, biotin, etc. into the mesodermal layer of the scalp. These chemicals not just improve hair growth, but also reduce the heightened levels of DHT and inflammation around the scalp.

prp hair treatment in Gurgaon

Mechanical Mesotherapy

The surgeon makes micro-perforations on the scalp that naturally trigger the release of collagen and elastin production.


• Even hair growth.

• More prominent look.</p >

• Improved hair growth in the desired area.


Are these treatments safe?

Yes, these treatments are absolutely safe.

Are there any side effects?

No, clinical studies across the globe have not eventually certified any type of side effects.

Will skin starts glowing normally afterward?

Yes, after the treatments the unwanted eyebrow hairs will disappear, skin glow gradually
takes place as earlier.

How much time is needed?

It will gradually take place as the skin will be taking shape.

Where can it be conducted?

It can be done at clinics only under the supervision of a physician or dermatologist.

Does mesotherapy block DHT?

Mesotherapy nullifies the DHT hormone and controls male pattern baldness. This procedure is globally appreciated and recommended by reputed hair experts. Most hair experts suggest that mesotherapy has a 90% to 92% success rate for regeneration of hair.