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Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is a common scalp condition in which small pieces of dry skin flake off of the scalp. Dandruff also called seborrheic dermatitis can be resulted due to several factors like deficiency of scalp hygiene, yeast infection, poor diet, scalp psoriasis, not combing hair properly, and so on.

Those white and yellowish flakes falling on the shoulders and peering out from hair can make us embarrassed in social gatherings. Dandruff treatment through laser can help you get rid of that itchy scalp in a few sessions.


For most people, dandruff does not require medical attention. Though this scalp disorder is not infective or dangerous, it can be discomforting. However, sometimes the flaking and itching that appears like dandruff is actually a medical condition, such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infections of the scalp, or eczema. Excess itching caused due to dandruff can even lead to hair fall in some of us.

Worried about that itchy scalp?


prp treatment in gurgaon

Dandruff Treatment

A beam of laser light is directed towards the affected area and passed through the scan. The beam restores the dead skin cells, thereby stopping the production of dandruff. The degree of effectiveness of the treatment varies from person to person, based on the physical metabolism, skin type, and the condition of the scalp of the person availing the treatment.


• It reduces the amount of dandruff.

• Reduces hair fall and strengthens roots.

• The procedure is non-invasive and painless.

• Reduces scalp inflammation.


What is the common age of dandruff?

The common age of dandruff condition can lie between 15 to 30 years. Though this entirely depends on numerous factors like the oiliness of the skin along with the skincare routine a person follows.

Can dandruff cause hair loss?

Mild form of dandruff can never result in causing your hair loss. But yes, if the fungal infection gets zoned on your scalp area resulting in itching, redness, and scratching, then you might witness hair loss that definitely requires proper attention.

Is there any permanent treatment for recurring dandruff?

The occurrence of dandruff is a normal condition that can be easily treated on a timely basis. However, if the condition takes a different form, getting converted into seborrheic dermatitis, you might need to consult a good dermatologist.

Is anti dandruff treatment good?

Anti-dandruff treatments have been proven to reduce up to 70% dandruff in one sitting, but here's the thing: these treatments need to be done regularly, and it is equally important to not leave the treatment in between or not to miss the sittings in between.

Is dandruff a fungus?

The major culprit of dandruff is a fungus called Malassezia. This fungus exists on most adults' scalps. It feeds on the oils on your scalp, breaking it down and leaving oleic acid in its place. Many people are sensitive to oleic acid.