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How To Remove Unwanted Hairs From Face

What are the ways of removing facial hairs?

(1)Shaving – it’s the best and fastest way to remove hair. It’s easy. If you want to go to a party or occasion and you want to remove hairs from your body faster then shaving will definitely help you with this. There is one disadvantage of this method. This solution is not permanent, you have to re-shave after 2 or 3 days.

(2) Tweezing – it’s an effective or inexpensive way to remove hairs. It plucks or pulls hairs from the roots. If you want to shape your eyebrows then this is very useful for you. It works for a longer time than shaving. After using it if you feel pain then rub ice cubes on your face. Ice will decrease the pain.

(3) Epilation – It’s another to remove hairs. If you’re a busy person and can’t do shaving again & again then use this method. This method will hold your facial hair growth for 4weeks. Epilation or Tweezing works alike but the difference is it pulls many hairs at one time from roots so, hairs will take a long time to grow up again. If you have pain after this process then apply ice cubes to painful spots.

(4) At-home waxing – Wax is the famous way in the world to remove hairs. If you’re buying a kit of wax to remove your facial hairs then please buy soft wax because hard wax is best for your legs and bikini area. Buy a wax warmer, it warms wax. Do a patch on your skin before waxing.

(5)At home laser hair removal – laser hair treatment is a very expensive way to remove hairs but it’s an effective way to control hair growth of your facial hairs. If you go to a doctor for this treatment then they will tell you a big cost for it but now you can do this treatment at home from the laser hair removal kit. Buy a kit from a medical store and do your treatment at home very easily. Don’t use lasers around the eyelids.

(6)Depilatory creams – These creams are another effective way to remove hairs. The cost of these creams is cheaper than waxing. These creams have chemicals. These chemicals easily dissolve in your skin and easily wash away. All ingredients of this cream are safe but as a result, there’s a risk. If you’re using this cream for the first time then do a patch before using it properly. You can find these creams in stores as cream, lotion, or gel.

(7) Threading – It’s a method to give shape to eyebrows and it removes hairs from the chin, upper lip, and side of the face. This method uses a thread that pulls unwanted hairs and removes them from the hair follicles. In Threading there’s no involvement of chemicals; it means there’s no risk of a skin reaction. You will feel minor pain during this process so just apply a numbing cream before doing this process.

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