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Hair Treatment and Re-growth

PRP treatment means platelet-rich plasma therapy. In this treatment, injection is used to each and individual patient for treating the musculoskeletal problems. It is to concentrate the patient’s platelet to maximize the curing of injured Tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles by injections. PRP treatment is related to cosmetic procedures. The injection which is used in PRP treatment to treat the torn muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. PRP treatment is much effective for patients with hair loss problems. Platelet level can be used to show how better plasma works for the loss of hair. PRP treatment is very effective for the natural growth of hair. PRP Treatment for Hair Re-growth has some negative effects also such as irritation, bleeding and or pain to the injected site. The PRP treatment for hair re-growth process followed three steps to complete. At first, the patient’s blood is needed. Then it is put into a machine to separate the red blood cells and the plasma. The separated blood is then applied to the affected area of the scalp to control the excessive hair fall. The consistency of the PRP treatment for hair re-growth depends on the condition of the patient. The treatment is applied to the patient once every three months, and it is a process of a year. Hair regrowth is not processed in one sitting. It takes time to heal and cure according to the condition of the patient. To complete the entire process, it takes half an hours.

Dandruff is a condition of the skin that outcome is scaly or flaky skin on the scalp. Many people suffer from the dandruff problem due to oily hair and itchy head. Dandruff is dried and white flakes of the dead skin cells. Dandruff is usually not painful, but it is harmful to the scalp and can be itchy and uncomfortable. It falls on the shoulder from the hair. Dandruff Treatment by laser uses a beam of laser light that is used in the affected areas of the scalp. The beam of laser light restores the cells of the skin, which are dead, and helps to prevent the production of dandruff. Dandruff Treatment by laser depends on the patients’ metabolism, condition of the skin, and the affected scalp. It is not recommended for children, old people and pregnant women as the laser rays can have a negative effect on them. Excessive dandruff problems can be solved through laser anti-dandruff and wellness treatment. The results of this problem are not the same for all. It depends on the patient’s scalp condition. Dandruff treatments by laser in Gurgaon are performed by the expert medicated team to the customer. Dandruff treatments by laser prove its effectiveness and removing it from the core. Laser treatment is very popular in cosmetic fraternity. Dandruff Treatments by Laser are the best for removing dandruff from the oily scalp permanently. The equipment and the technology they use are all modern and supervised under dermatologists and other professional medical experts during the application.


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