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Advanced Wellness is one of the most trusted and renowned clinic to render skin and hair solutions that prides best laser and PRP treatment in Delhi-NCR, providing its customers with absolutely the best and most satisfying treatments at affordable costs. We are known for hosting a team of highly qualified dermatologists, cosmetologists, and medically trained technicians that ensure safe and reliable treatment options.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Niyti Dhawn

Dr. Niyti dhawn

– Sr. Consultant Dermatologist M.D. (Dermatologist)

A Senior Medical Aesthetician & Cosmetic Consultant, who heads Cosmetology Department at Harsh ENT Hospitals and runs her own Aesthetic Clinic – Advanced Wellness at Gurgaon & Ghaziabad. Advanced Wellness has all the modern machines for skin, Laser and PRP treatments to offer laser skin rejuvenation, body contouring, hair reduction & hair-regrowth.. She is among the pioneers of PRP Treatments in Delhi NCR region and known for her research work and remarkable contribution to the cosmetic industry. Instrumental in starting PRP Research with its different applications in a variety of treatments, she has published several journals on PRP and PRF. With more than a decade of experience in aesthetics and cosmetology, services both for men and women, known for some of the unique treatments she has done.

Professor Dr. BPS Tyagi

– Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, M.S. (ENT)

One of India’s famous ENT Surgeons, Specialist in Head & Neck Oncology Surgery, OSAS Surgery, Cartilage Tympanoplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery. He also holds the Limca Book of records for doing 55 eardrum operations (Endoscopic Cartilage Tympanoplasty) in 17 hours 23 minutes on World Health Day (7 April 2015). He is the MD of Harsh Polyclinics, one of the most famous hospitals for innovative use of PRP in treating hearing loss. He is the president of Awakening India Foundation, a famous NGO working for underprivileged people by offering free healthcare treatments to them.

Dr. Madhuri

Dr. Madhuri Prasad


Dr. TaraMati

Kumari Taramati


Dr. Avantika Kushwaha

Avantika Kushwaha


Why Trust Us?

Technology and machines that are the best in the world.

Highly qualified and experienced team of dermatologists & technicians

Patient satisfaction & higher success rates

With us, you will be provided with the best treatments based on your need and thorough examination at an affordable price.

At Advanced Wellness, we offer a range of treatments that are customizable as per your skin/hair condition. With our expert professionals, we create a unique treatment plan for each patient, to help them achieve the desired results. We use World class technology to carry out the skincare/ haircare procedures, with utmost precision. So, at Advanced Wellness, quality, affordability, and satisfaction are guaranteed.